If you choose to spectate along the race course, please be courteous to other runners, cyclists and traffic.

Accessible areas to spectate, based on approximate course mileage:

  • 0-1 – Rivers Street and Rivers Street/321 Intersection
  • 1-2 – 321 from Holmes Convocation Center to Bojangles
  • 5.25 – Poplar Grove/Diamond Ranch Rd
  • 10.5 – Blue Ridge Parkway/Shull’s Mill Rd/221 Intersection
  • 12.5 – Julian Price Park
  • 14.75 – Holloway Mountain Rd/Blue Ridge Parkway
  • 24 – 221/Blue Ridge Parkway (Beacon Heights)

Keep in mind there is no parking at the Highland Games finish line. Do not park on the side of the road up to the Games… you will be towed by NC Highway Patrol!


Since there is no spectator parking at the top for the marathon, it is highly recommended that all spectators purchase roundtrip shuttle tickets that depart from Boone to the Highland Games, the finish area of the marathon, then back to Boone.

Round trip is $10 for spectators and one way is available to runners for $5. This special ticket also allows free admission into the Highland Games the morning of the race. This is a deal because Games tickets are $30! This will only be provided to runners for their immediate family and friends.

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